Need another reason why urban sprawl is evil?

14 03 2009


Look no further. It seems sprawl was at least partially to blame for Atlanta’s tornado. And that means “directly” to blame. Not in a “sprawl causes people to drive more, which releases more carbon into atmosphere, which causes climate change, which causes wierd weather related results” kinda way.  Sweet.

Better than AutoCAD?

9 03 2009

Despite advances in Computer Aided Design (CAD), miniatures continue to remain a usefull tool for both architects and planners.  Here are some good examples of models of Manhatten, Shanghai, San Francisco Bay and Chicago.

It’s Time for Cities to Favor People, Not Cars

21 02 2009


Here is a great article about urban planning and the work of traffic planners. It is particularily interesting to read because Wired (in my opinion) is a quite liberal publication, but the comments at the end are very diverse.  I suggest skimming through the article just to get to the reader comments.  They vary from “educated reflections” to “selfish banter”.

CITIES The Magazine

4 01 2009


This looks like a promising new magazine on the topic of city planning.  Their global approach to the issues plaguing our cities is very refreshing. I particularly like their description of planning and architectural resources today :

“Often, the pure pleasure to read reviews of urban planning … written by renowned experts is diminished by the pretentious academic style”

The first issue will deal with industrial renewal.

Cool animation of Calgary’s new west end LRT extension

4 01 2009

top_logo_westlrtThe new LRT line will have both Calgary’s first overhead and underground stations.  Estimated date of completion : 2012.

Barack on (sub)urban diversity

2 01 2009

Check out this video about the next president of the USA speaking on the future of cities in the midwest and the reasons why American cities in general are having trouble moving forward.  (as a side note, I love Obamas speeches and was lucky enough to be part of the 200,000 people crowd when he spoke in in Berlin) Although the clip is very brief, I was happy to see Obama mentioning Jacobs before anyone else.  Shows how cultured this man is.

My favorite part of the clip? The concluding sentence : “That will be part of the masterplan to rebuild the American economy”

Young planners conference in Paris

8 12 2008

For young urban planners in and around the Paris region this week, be sure to go to the “1ères assises de l’insertion professionnelle des jeunes urbanistes”, a half day conference about the profession and job market for young planning graduates.  It will be held this Thursday, December 11th from 1:30 until 5:30 at the following address: Université Paris Sorbonne,   108, boulevard Malesherbes (17ème), amphithéâtre N° 111.

Send an e-mail to to register.

Here is a link to the summery of the day.


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